Posted by: sveto4ek | March 18, 2009

The amendments in the constitution of Azerbaijan

In Azerbaijan the referendum about the entry into the constitution is going on. The point of amendments is to provide, in particular, cancellation of limitation of one person to a position of the country’s president more than two times repeatedly.

The current president of Azerbaijan is Ilham Aliyev. He has an opportunity to stay on his presidential position till and after 2013, if the suggested changes receive the people’s support.

Since 2002, this referendum is the first national voting concerning to constitutional issues.

The day before opposition side, saying that election in October was dishonest, urged to boycott of the referendum.

The amendments in the Azerbaijani constitution were proposed by the current governing party “Yeni Azerbaijan”, chaired by Aliyev.



  1. The Parliament has already approved that changes in constitution, and now Aliyev can be a president for ever.. as our kazakh “father”)) democracy…. ))

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