Posted by: sveto4ek | March 20, 2009

Aliyev could govern forever

The amendments in the constitution approved
In fact Ilham Aliyev could be the head of Azerbaijan for life. Country’s citizens voted for the acceptance of amendments in the Constitution, which reject any limitation on the presidential governing term.

The referendum about amendments in the Azerbaijani Constitution took place.
Azerbaijani people’s supported changes and voted for 41 suggested amendments.
The article which prohibited election of the same person for the presidential post more that two times disappears from the Constitution. The 92% of electorates voted for this amendment.
Thus, the current head of country Ilham Aliyev after expiry of his second term in 2013 could be elected anew for the post of president.
According to new amendments in the basic law, the presidential and parliamentary elections could be postponed on the indefinite time. It happens, if Karabah conflict became worse.

From now the Constitution prohibits the “shadowing, voice recording, video shooting and photography of person without his permission”.
The opposition spoke against majority of amendments, because they “break the fundamental principles of democracy”.
The opposition’s position is not supported by the observers of the situation in the coutry. The CIS and the Soviet Europe Parliamentary Assembly representatives called the referendum as free and transparent.


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