Posted by: sveto4ek | March 27, 2009

Czech Republic

The government of Czech can send in resignation. The reason is the vote of no-confidence pronounced by the lower chamber of the Czech Republic. It was claimed by the primeminister Mirek Topolanek. But, as observers said, the current cabinet will be in power until 1st of July, when the term of Czech chairmanship in European Union will finish.

101 deputies out of 200 voted for resignation of Topolanek government.

After surprised voting, Topolanek said that he is going to Strasburg tomorrow with the report about European Union session, on which he presided.  As Topolanek said, he thinks that this action will weaken their position on the negotiations in Europe as partners, that are used to stand up for own opinions and in the same time as partners, that are ready for compromises.

Social-democrats chaired by Irzhi Paroubek accused the government in inactivity in the current situation of global financial crisis. Paroubek said that in that moment “the opportunity for government to concentrate their attention on the mission of chairmanship in EU should be done.”

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