Posted by: sveto4ek | April 8, 2009

The riot in Kishinev, Moldavia

To night, April 8, the police of Kishinev city was forced to shoot the big group of marauders by the blank cartridge. It helps them to turn out the crowd of hooligans.  


I remind that the reason of such protests and disorders became the victory of communists on the parliament election.

April 7, the participants of the protest rushed into the administration building of president and smashed it up. Also, the marauders fired the parliament building of Moldavia. Computers, televisions and other technical equipment were taken out.  

There is different data about number of protest participants. It supposed to be from10 till 20 thousands persons.  The city police tried to use the water-jet and tear-gas in order to turn them out. More than 30 people were injured.

President of the country and the leader of Moldavia communists Vladimir Voronin said that the leaders of Moldavia opposition are the organizers of protest.

On the meeting with the foreign ambassadors Voronin asked the support from the Western countries to restore the law and order in Kishinev.  

the source: CNN News



  1. Personnaly, I think that Romania is involved in thees protests!

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