Posted by: Yan | April 13, 2009

Number of injured people in Thailand capital increased to 100

Policemen in Bangkok again opened fire on participants of antigovernmental demonstrations. According to some information, various wounds have received 94 persons, four demonstrators got gunshot wound. From various sources the information on victims arrives, but Reuters notices that this information does not prove to be true yet. It is informed that during collisions with police near the building of the government, demonstrators attacked policemen with stones and bottles with an incendiary mix. The Thai TV has informed that there is a fire in a government building, possibly, because of the thrown self-made bomb. The building is surrounded by about 200 policemen.

In April, 2009 mass actions of supporters of the former prime minister Taksina Chinavata started. Demonstrators demand government resignation. On April, 12th in Bangkok and vicinities state of emergency has been announce. Earlier it was informed that the police used fire-arms.


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