Posted by: sveto4ek | April 15, 2009

Iranian President M. Akhmadinejad in Astana, Kazakhstan

As all of you know, the theme of nuclear weapons and missile defense system is very actual now and discussed in all over the world. There are many meetings and sessions on which the important political figures and heads of states’ are holding negotiations.

Such kind of treaty occurred in Astana recently. Iranian President M. Akhmadinejad arrived in the capital of Kazakhstan Republic with two-day visit.

According to Boris Gromov (“Argumenti i fakti” newspaper) in the process of negotiation President N. Nazarbayev noticed that Iran, as other countries, have all rights for peaceful nuclear energy. Nazarbayev added that he is supporting the statements done by Russia and USA presidents.


I remind that on the G-20 summit in London, the presidents of Russia and USA claimed that they are strive for reducing nuclear weapons in their countries. Also, the decision of USA about readiness for dialog with Iran on the basis of mutual interests and respect to each other was announced by B. Obama.

Concerning the nuclear weapons case, interesting offer was done by Nazarbayev, which in turn was supported by Iranian President. So, suggestion was the next: “If the bank of nuclear fuel will be built in the world, Kazakhstan takes into consideration the opportunities to allocate this construction on his territory as the country that signed the treaty of nuclear non-proliferation and voluntarily departed from the use of nuclear weapons.”

The source: “Argumenti i fakti” newspaper


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