Posted by: sveto4ek | April 15, 2009

Protest in Bagkok, Thailand

Almost three weeks the antigovernment protests in Bangkok, Thailand took place. The reason of that is opposition members’ discontent of the last election results.

The ruling leaders of movement are Chatupon Chompan, Vira Musikapong and Nattavut Saikusyk. Also, the ex-prime-minister Taksin Chinavat, who supported protestants not to decrease activity and achieve the overthrow of current government.

Tired of endless meetings and protests, Bangkok inhabitants helped the police to quite the strikers. Unfortunately, this led to a fight between protestants and town-dwellers. As result, two inhabitants of Bagkok and one striker died.

According to “Komersant” newspaper (, the opposition leaders said that it is not the end and after Songkran (Thai New Year), they will come back. Towards evening that day, those leaders surrendered to authorities of Thailand.

Just in case, prime-minister Apkhisit Vetchachiva prolonged the New Year holiday for two days.



Thailand is a favorite place of tourists. According to the Chief of Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Thailand Konkrit Khiranyakit ( the eventual losses, related to the last occurrences, could reach 170 billiards of bats that is $4, 8 milliards.  


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