Posted by: sveto4ek | April 16, 2009

for thinkin’…

This morning, as always, I put the wireless on (Europa Plus) and did the usual things. In general, I’m going to go at KIMEP. At 8.30 there were news. I heard the awful srory, that really shoked me!

This story is not related to the subject of our bloog, that is “Global Politics”. But I wanna share this news  with u and  will be very appreciative if u will comment it;  just some thoughts about this case.

The 27 year old man arrested in East Kazakhstan region, I don’t remember the exact location, but it’s some kind of village, I guess . He is (or was already?) a history teacher in school. He invited a fifth grade schoolgirl for “history extra- lessons”.  A little girl was beastly raped by school teacher.

In the past, this man already has imprisonment term. For the same crime.

When police asked school administration why they did not check all documents before employing him, the answer was that they haven’t got a right to demand such kind of reference.

Not so often I hear about such kind of crimes in Kazakhstan. But when this happens, it’s really scare me.

Is it our society going down or … ?

How about humaneness and moral principles?

Of course, I can’t generalize all people. Because there are lots of people who are really good and kind. But some individuals are seriously weaken and destroy our world!

I only hope that the power of  good human beings is much more stronger than all bad things around us!


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