Posted by: Yan | April 16, 2009

A Landslip in Kyrgyzstan

A landslip descent happened in Kirgizstan yesterday, informs press-service of the Ministry of Emergency of the republic. 16 people died according to preliminary data. As the Ministry of Emergency informs, the landslip has descended on village Rajkomol of Aksyjsky area of Dzhalal-Abadsky area of Kirghizia. Three houses were destroyed and all people there died.

Minister of Emergency Kamchibek Tashiev is going to visit the village. Special equipment and resquers will be also delivered there.



  1. The posts you are doing here are generally informative. Would be good to link to your information sources. But also it seems to me you might make it more individual, more interesting, and perhaps more fun for you if you built in your perspectives on issues. It doesn’t necessarily have to be big–just a paragraph or two on an issue (like you’ve been doing) but also include your reactions, concerns, whatever. Have fun doing it, and it will be fun/interesting for readers…

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