Posted by: sveto4ek | April 27, 2009

Future profession


Last week I helped Dr. Ken Harvey on the meeting in the Almaty School # 147.  It is a Kazakh gymnasium school.

Future career. Profession, which will be loved by students. These are the subjects of the meeting.

First of all, I want to note that the school administration and students themselves were really nice. They really prepared for the meeting and it was obvious that they waited for us and worried. When we came, school students and teachers welcomed Dr. Harvey, me and Baurjan, our media lab. camera men.  We walked a little in the school; saw different works of students, then drank a cup of tea with tasty cakes. ))) It was very nice!

After some time we were invited in the assembly hall and our event began.

I will write just about few things were mentioned by professor.

Actually, not only school students were there but also their parents. All of them actively participated in discussion and asked many questions.

Dr. Harvey shared his experience, and said that the most important thing is that whatever profession students will choose, first of all, it has to be interesting and loved by students themselves.

It was really important that the students presented on the meeting were not only senior pupils. There were little kids from third grade, also seventh-graded pupils. Because it is better to know from the youth what is your future profession.

Of course, many of us changed lots of professions from the childhood. But the case is to provide school students with some important things that will be helpful for their further development.

Dr. Harvey provided them with some advices: know the goals u want to achieve, set the steppingstone goals, be communicative, learn as much as possible and many others.

After some time I will post the video of this event.

Thank u!



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