Posted by: sveto4ek | April 30, 2009

we’ve done it!

Today, the last presentations of final NITs projects were done. I think, all weblogs were quite good and some were really cool! For example, I liked the blog of yulecka about cinema, Anara’s blog about tattoos. Actually, I think about doing tattoo for a long time. And when I saw that some girl from my NITs class is going to create a blog about it, I wrote her (Anara) that it is a great idea! Because, one of the reason of my long thinking was the fear of catching some infection. And I read on Anara’s weblog about some important things I should think about before going to tattoo salon.

I’m really glad that some people, and teams, achieved very good results and it is obvious that they really enjoyed their work!

I congratulate all my classmates! Also, I thank our professor Frederick Emrich! And you can be sure, that the work done by you was very useful, meaningful and interesting!

See u!


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