Posted by: sveto4ek | May 4, 2009

Results of “Brilliant Mind Game”

30, April at Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Planning the game “Brilliant Mind” was conducted.

The organizers of event were KIMEP student organization Diplomatic Briefing Club with support of political science department’s professors.

Participants of the game are the students who have some basic theoretical background and some knowledge on current political situation in the world. The screening round consists of three levels. On the last stage, only five people were picked and have a chance to continue the game and strive for victory!

KIMEP’s professors from Political Science Department checked the answers of the game participants.

The winner of the game became the third year student of BSc program Daniyar Muhitanov. He was rewarded by 15, 000 tenge. The second place was taken by Janar, BSc2 and she received 5, 000 tenge.

There also, were the games for audience. They were asked the different questions about politics in Kazakhstan, international political economy, history, etc.

Dr. Richard Russeau, Dr. Steven Green, Boris Stremlin, Alessandro Frigerio were the members of jury.


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