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Results of “Brilliant Mind Game”

30, April at Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Planning the game “Brilliant Mind” was conducted.

The organizers of event were KIMEP student organization Diplomatic Briefing Club with support of political science department’s professors.

Participants of the game are the students who have some basic theoretical background and some knowledge on current political situation in the world. The screening round consists of three levels. On the last stage, only five people were picked and have a chance to continue the game and strive for victory!

KIMEP’s professors from Political Science Department checked the answers of the game participants.

The winner of the game became the third year student of BSc program Daniyar Muhitanov. He was rewarded by 15, 000 tenge. The second place was taken by Janar, BSc2 and she received 5, 000 tenge.

There also, were the games for audience. They were asked the different questions about politics in Kazakhstan, international political economy, history, etc.

Dr. Richard Russeau, Dr. Steven Green, Boris Stremlin, Alessandro Frigerio were the members of jury.

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The forest fire in China

The territory of Chinese province Hailuczyan is spanned by forest fire. The area of combustion is more than 100 km2.  The wind is blowing from the south-west side.

6, 3 thousands people are engaged in fire-fighting. One fireman died, four were injured.

Full information is available on

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who is a spreader of swine flu?

I read the article on the that the Mexico doctors indicated the first person with the swine flu who became the spreader of flu. This is a fifth year old boy Edgar Ernandes from the Verakrus state in two hours from the Mexico capital.

The outbreak of swine flu was registered there on second of April.    

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we’ve done it!

Today, the last presentations of final NITs projects were done. I think, all weblogs were quite good and some were really cool! For example, I liked the blog of yulecka about cinema, Anara’s blog about tattoos. Actually, I think about doing tattoo for a long time. And when I saw that some girl from my NITs class is going to create a blog about it, I wrote her (Anara) that it is a great idea! Because, one of the reason of my long thinking was the fear of catching some infection. And I read on Anara’s weblog about some important things I should think about before going to tattoo salon.

I’m really glad that some people, and teams, achieved very good results and it is obvious that they really enjoyed their work!

I congratulate all my classmates! Also, I thank our professor Frederick Emrich! And you can be sure, that the work done by you was very useful, meaningful and interesting!

See u!

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I think everybody has already heard about swine flu which became one of the hot subjects of last discussions worldwide.

As I read (, no author) the pathogene of this swine flu is virus H1N1 which was exposed to mutation.

Mexico is epidemic center because the swine flu is firstly registered exactly in Mexico and for that moment the there are more deaths than elsewhere.

According to CNN News (, already 103 deaths registered in Mexico.

Many countries undertook some measures for protection against swine flu virus. Russia and China banned all meat imports from Mexico and Southern United States. Also, 30% of trips in Mexico were cancelled in Russia. (If you want to know more about this, I recommend you to visit the previous link.)

This is very important!!! Symptoms of swine flu include fever, lethargy, and lack of appetite, coughing, runny nose, sore throat, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. (

Meanwhile, Kazakhstan is also preparing anti-epidemic safety measures. The following quotation is from the with the link to Kazkhstan Today

“In connection with the developed adverse epidemic situation, the chief state sanitary health officer of Kazakhstan ordered to monitor the situation and strengthen anti-epidemic measures on the state frontier,” the press service informed.”

There is also interesting article about swine flu written by Juhie Bhatia on the

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Future profession


Last week I helped Dr. Ken Harvey on the meeting in the Almaty School # 147.  It is a Kazakh gymnasium school.

Future career. Profession, which will be loved by students. These are the subjects of the meeting.

First of all, I want to note that the school administration and students themselves were really nice. They really prepared for the meeting and it was obvious that they waited for us and worried. When we came, school students and teachers welcomed Dr. Harvey, me and Baurjan, our media lab. camera men.  We walked a little in the school; saw different works of students, then drank a cup of tea with tasty cakes. ))) It was very nice!

After some time we were invited in the assembly hall and our event began.

I will write just about few things were mentioned by professor.

Actually, not only school students were there but also their parents. All of them actively participated in discussion and asked many questions.

Dr. Harvey shared his experience, and said that the most important thing is that whatever profession students will choose, first of all, it has to be interesting and loved by students themselves.

It was really important that the students presented on the meeting were not only senior pupils. There were little kids from third grade, also seventh-graded pupils. Because it is better to know from the youth what is your future profession.

Of course, many of us changed lots of professions from the childhood. But the case is to provide school students with some important things that will be helpful for their further development.

Dr. Harvey provided them with some advices: know the goals u want to achieve, set the steppingstone goals, be communicative, learn as much as possible and many others.

After some time I will post the video of this event.

Thank u!


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Ushenko advised Ukraine to be “reloaded”

President Viktor Ushenko advises to make election of president before the appointed time. He explains it as easy way to overcome “permanent political crisys, that lasts not one year”


“There is no coalition, even if it is announced. There is no solutions and no program in the government. In this conditions we can not talk about regular and ritmic governmental work. If there is no real coalition – there is only one way to solve this problem – elections ahead of time.” – president says.


At the same time Ushenko thinks that coalition cat show itself by providing government and the program of work.  “in other way there will be another not stable situation”

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President Medvedev creates a blog in

President Dmitry Medvedev creates his own blog in famous blog site As it is said, there will be posted all information that is on his own website. But blog gives opportunity to people to comment all infomation that they could read in blog.

It should be mentioned, that usage of blogs and social networks becomes more and more popular through famous people and politicians. Their own blogs has George W. Bush, John McCain and president of United States Barack Obama.

But what is more interesting, Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Masimov ordered to all cabinet of minister to start their own blogs in As PM Masimov says, he sdaw and heard many interesting things from kazakhstani people through the web.

President Medvedev at the same time thinks that internet is the best area for discussions. That is why there should be made best conditions to Internet in Russia.

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for thinkin’…

This morning, as always, I put the wireless on (Europa Plus) and did the usual things. In general, I’m going to go at KIMEP. At 8.30 there were news. I heard the awful srory, that really shoked me!

This story is not related to the subject of our bloog, that is “Global Politics”. But I wanna share this news  with u and  will be very appreciative if u will comment it;  just some thoughts about this case.

The 27 year old man arrested in East Kazakhstan region, I don’t remember the exact location, but it’s some kind of village, I guess . He is (or was already?) a history teacher in school. He invited a fifth grade schoolgirl for “history extra- lessons”.  A little girl was beastly raped by school teacher.

In the past, this man already has imprisonment term. For the same crime.

When police asked school administration why they did not check all documents before employing him, the answer was that they haven’t got a right to demand such kind of reference.

Not so often I hear about such kind of crimes in Kazakhstan. But when this happens, it’s really scare me.

Is it our society going down or … ?

How about humaneness and moral principles?

Of course, I can’t generalize all people. Because there are lots of people who are really good and kind. But some individuals are seriously weaken and destroy our world!

I only hope that the power of  good human beings is much more stronger than all bad things around us!

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A Landslip in Kyrgyzstan

A landslip descent happened in Kirgizstan yesterday, informs press-service of the Ministry of Emergency of the republic. 16 people died according to preliminary data. As the Ministry of Emergency informs, the landslip has descended on village Rajkomol of Aksyjsky area of Dzhalal-Abadsky area of Kirghizia. Three houses were destroyed and all people there died.

Minister of Emergency Kamchibek Tashiev is going to visit the village. Special equipment and resquers will be also delivered there.

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